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Roxanne Derkson, an experienced Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) and Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner (GCFP) with over 35 years in the field, owns a clinic and massage supply store since 2006. In recent years, Roxanne has focused on creating professional development courses to support fellow bodywork professionals in expanding their skills.

These upcoming courses will be launched in the new year and have been developed to inspire and cultivate new skills and perspectives for hands on practitioners. Using her diverse bodywork background including extensive study in Craniosacral Therapy and the Feldenkrais Method of  Somatic based Education Roxanne is able to share unique perspectives for Registered Massage, Acupuncture, and other hands on healing practitioners.

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Here is what is included in Learn Hot Stone Massage soon to be released

This Learn Hot Stone Stone training course includes everything you need to know about applying hot and warm stones to the body for the purpose of therapeutic massage.

Not only Massage therapists are interested in performing Hot Stone Massage! Acupuncturists are finding the therapeutic value of warming meridians and incorporating the heat into their treatment protocols.

This course includes some awesome modules on warming meridian pathways using the stones and these techniques can be used by any practitioner. We cover using the stones to enhance deep tissue massage work and how to integrate hot stones into scar tissue therapy.

As well this program covers a unique style of stone tapotement techniques. Stone tapotement is covered using a variety of stone sizes for depth as well as specificity. Stone tapping is demonstrated for the spinal segments showing how easy and effective this is in a treatment setting. Roxanne demonstrates its efficacy when used for joint mobilization via the vibrational capability of the stones.

Roxanne covers hygiene and safety as well as heating temperatures and human tolerance to heat and how to adjust for each individual. She even includes cleaning and how to re energize your stones.

This course offers bonus segments on the use of accessories like hot and cold stone wraps and pockets for holding and placing stones against the body in a variety of ways. Using cold stones is gaining popularity as cold plunging trends upward. Included in this course is cold stone therapy and vascular flush techniques.

This course is comprehensive and created for practitioners who have basic Swedish massage skills as a prerequisite. With over 35 years of private massage therapy practice Roxanne Derkson RMT GCFP has a wealth of info to share about this modality. She will inspire you to get excited to incorporate hot stone massage into your practice for amazing results and the benefits for you (saves the hands) and your clients. Learn Hot Stone Massage covers techniques for general and specific body parts.

Send us a message and let us know you are interested in our course as soon as it is launched. Learn how to incorporate hot stone massage into your practice of Massage, Acupuncture or Esthetics. Contact us directly and subscribe to our YouTube channel for updates on this course launch.

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