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Spare Parts for massage tables are a must have when they lose performance or break. You need them and you need them fast! It is inevitable in order to keep your equipment performing and your practice going.
We carry a suite of electric and portable table parts for warranty and replacement after warranty.
ViVi Therapy manufactures and warranties our own products. ViVi Therapy’s OEM brand of electric massage tables, portable massage tables, massage chairs, stools and electric stand up desks may at some time in their life need maintenance or repair.  Be sure to call if you don’t see what you are looking for.
Just to mention a few parts we sell. The spare parts we have are hydraulics, motors, foot pedals, parts for assembly even new face rest cushions or face rests/cradles, arm rests, new carry cases etc.
We carry bolts and nuts to replace worn out ones just ask us here be sure to send a video of the problem or pictures of what you looking to replace,
We receive a lot of requests to replace parts for tables we do not sell and if we have a part that will fit or help we will!  If it can’t be replaced we will suggest one of our tables that will last with a guarantee we can get you spare parts. We are happy to see any massage therapy piece of equipment stay out of the landfill in Canada or the USA.
Our proprietary brands are built in quality factories and we endeavor to build things that last and do not become obsolete or landfill in a year or two like some competitors selling poorly made products.
Please be sure the item is the right fit before ordering in order to avoid shipping returns etc.