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Tattoo tables are actually massage tables with adjustable features and almost always black. We carry a few tables that have proven over the years to be the perfect solution for local tattoo and piercing studios. 
We have an eco lift back table that is popular with entry level and part time artists. We have a higher end portable professional level table with telescoping aluminum leg frame and lift back it has set up many studios in town.
We carry studio stools, massage chairs and for the most upmarket tattoo table of all  we sell our black multilift table for the ultimate in client and artist comfort and experience while spending hours in steady positioning.
We offer pick up in Victoria or Vancouver from either of our warehouse facilities which can save money on delivery fees.
We can provide the tattoo tables that will give your studio a competitive edge. We know its about the art and the service but comfort for the client as we know first hand from our clinic is just as important when doing long installations.