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Spa tables with adjustability need to be quality built. They most often need to be multiple functioning for different practitioners, therapies offered and  spaces within the spa. Many spas use the same spa table for a number of esthetic style treatments as well as massage.  The design features of the table are also dependent on the type of Spa might need specific options and the more versatile a table is might be right in a day spa, a hotel spa or an individual offering spa treatments from home. We have tables that will offer you or your spa the features required and fit the budget.
No worries about warranty we offer spare parts on demand if something breaks or stops working we will do our best to have you up and running again in short order.
We sell portable massage and spa therapy tables with manual back lift features that can be used for facials or foot treatments or pregnancy massage. All our tables have height adjustability. We sell a number of salon style stools with pneumatic hi lo adjustability as well.
Check out our fully electric dual lift dekuxe massage and spa table.  Best priced spa therapy table of this quality and caliber on the market.
If you don’t see what you are looking for give us a call as we are adding more tables designs to our current inventory in the months ahead.
In the meantime check out what we have in stock and don’t hesitate to reach out with questions you may have
We know that spas now have Registered Massage Therapy services and some of the treatments offered require spa therapy tables with lymphatic drainage capabilities as well. Our dual lift offers these options.