Classic Strokes for Intro Folks Therapeutic Connection is on the Rise

The popularity of my mini learn to massage workshop  “Classic Strokes for Intro Folks” is on the rise.  This past weekend we had 4 couples participating and each had their own massage interest story to tell.  Out of 4 couples here is what we had:

Two were studying acupuncture and other bodywork pursuits.

Two were exploring ways to connect in their senior years to help with arthritis and other body aches and pains along pleasurable and relaxing touch.

Two were a couple that were trying new experiences together and finding a beneficial way to connect.

Two had been self taught and receiving professional massage for years but never had the opportunity to learn the hands on skills from an actual professional.

I have taught this course for 10 years in Victoria and my motto is “if you can mix and stir you can stroke and knead.”  Having said that not everyone is a good cook or chef but I find if you are a foodie that loves the sensual aspect of food meaning the smells and textures and ways to experience meals with others then learning massage might be a good fit for you as well.  Massage is a great way to connect and comfort a loved one or friend at a time of need or just to have quality time together.  Massaging someone thoughtfully and compassionately can make a huge difference in someones pain, outlook on life and your relationship with them.  Massage heals.  Massage helps depression and anxiety.  Massage energizes the life force.

Social Media has promised to connect us but in so many ways we are painfully discovering it actually leaves us more confused and disconnected from society than ever.  Poverty and human dignity can be aided by human touch as well.  As can aging and loneliness.  Helping your teen cope with sports discomforts, postural or growing pains.  YouTube and DIY culture is growing and access to quality learning is definitely something that people are  seeking you can link to our Vivi Therapy YouTube channel here for a number of learn to move and massage videos.

The applications of relaxation massage are endless.  Integrated with incense, music, warm and comfortable environment, essential oil infused body lotions, cremes and oils the sky is the limit to your in home retreat.  Check out a couple things that can make your home massage connections more special.

Eco tables for starters

essential oils

Vegan massage creme

Organic massage lotion.

And many other wonderful products available to help your journey in to a new therapeutic experience.