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ViVi Therapy Shop is a full service Massage, Clinic equipment and supply store.

We are delighted to share with you that ViVi Therapy has launched our new online store  We work hard to supply you with all the equipment, tools and supplies you need for your massage practice or clinic. We also sell electric and portable treatment tables and chairs/stools for Physiotherapy, Athletic Therapy, Acupuncture, Chiropractic, Salons and Tattoo studios.

Buy online and pick up in store for convenience.  Come in during store hours and try out our products, get recommendations and learn about our great product warranty and spare part options.

We pride ourselves on great customer service.  We own ViVi Therapy Integrated Health Clinic and know the challenges and understand the individual needs of our clientele.


Aromatherapy Review

Forward: I studied at the Canadian College of Massage and Hydrotherapy, back in those days we were into blending carrier oils mostly sweet almond and sesame. With these we would create therapeutic blends adding and testing a variety of essential oils.  In the 80’s and early 90’s aromatherapy was hip and fun to work with. Our clients appreciated them. CCMH at the time provided pure coconut oil to work with but we would purchase “the good stuff” from other sources.  We had the attitude then that coconut oil was the poor cousin to other more expensive massage oils and we wanted the best for our massage clients.  Fast forward to 2000+ now we have an ever increasing population of folks with allergies and sensitivities to scents and smells and some with very severe reactions including asthma.  Most massage therapists no longer use scented oil blends and coconut oil often unscented is enjoying a comeback especially organic coconut oil has become trendy to use.  Many RMT’s use no oil or very little depending on their approach to body work and massage lotions have replaced oils as a non allergenic massage medium.

AROMATHERAPY has been around since Biblical times. Frankincense, Lotus, Jasmine, Sandlewood and Rose Absolute are scents that can change moods and create an exotic atmosphere.  I jumped at the chance to attend local Casey Mulcaster’s “Essential Oils of India” workshop last month. Casey is a Registered Aromatherapist and knows her stuff.  She does her research and in doing so she went to the source, India.  Casey, who owns and operates local Amarna Holistic Centre, attended some factories where steam and other forms of distillation create some of the most precious oils on the planet. 
When you inhale these oils there is swoon potential!  Casey shares her love and respect for the process of extracting such minute quantities of precious oils from vast amounts of raw resources from petals of rose to bark and roots of sandlewood.
During her informative 2 hour workshop Casey presents 5 exotic essentials. Showcasing her Indian absolutes (word for pure essential oil) and allowing her participants to create a blend for themselves. It is exciting to learn the essential benefits for ones organ and visceral health, endocrine system, skin, and even sleep deprivation. If you have a chance do take this course, but hurry because she is only teaching it for a limited time.
With expert guidance and enthusiasm for the creative process Casey leads you to confidently blend your signature potion to include top notes, middle notes and base notes.  This experience was truly like a private wine tasting complete with coffee beans to cleanse the olfactory palate.   I created for myself a blend dominant with the base notes of Sandlewood and Nag Champa which were the most devine scents that had ever crossed paths with my olfactory system…wow!  This blend which I keep near my bedside and rub into my hands to smell as I drift off to sleep has no doubt changed the quality of my slumber hours including how many of them I have in a row before waking!  
If the need to avoid scents for allergy reasons has kept you from enjoying the benefits of aromatherapy consider taking a course with Casey. You will be surpised by what you learn and can share with your clients, family and friends.  When scents are pure and unaltered and you are aware of their medicinal attributes they can be extremely beneficial for everyone and amazing to incorporate into your own self care.   To find out more about essential oils of India and more click here.

Learn to Massage Classes

PS Stay tuned to our ViVi Shop as we will be carrying a high quality certified organic range of Carrier Oils for Massage and Body Therapy in addition a select collection of essential oils all to feed your skin, body and mind.  Believe us when we say we still want our clients to have only the best…more on oils later.  Roxanne Derkson RMT GCFP


The MEM Day 2

We had our second MeM and it was a lot of fun. This week we focused on a shoulder, arm, and tricep release, as well as a percussive clapping technique. We had a new group of people and they were kept warm by the patio heater, hot stones, and tea. We also featured music by Oka this week and had the incense burning. Don’t forget that each time you come to the MeM you will be entered into a draw for a free 1 hour massage from Roxanne Derkson RMT.

The MEM is Coming To Your Hood

Starting the end of January we will begin to teach free massage classes on Tuesday afternoons around the time the Victoria High School students depart from school for the day.  These classes will be held outdoors in front of our ViVi Therapy clinic and store at 1608 Camosun Street in the Victoria suburb of Fernwood.

We will use professional massage chairs and the classes will last approximately one hour, weather permitting.

We will video tape the classes and share them here.  So, if you miss a class you can catch up. 

Our classes are part of a movement we want to focus on that supports people caring for people in a demonstrative fashion.  the MeM which means Massage Exchange Movement helps people to feel good and even feel better… including the homeless.

Everyone who participates in the MeM will donate a Toonie to the homeless and we will record our fund raising here.  We hope to experience the hands of  many wonderful and caring individuals and aspire to the MeM spreading human kindness far and wide.

The MEM Day 1

Come to the MeM contest

Every time you come to the MeM you will be entered into a draw for a free 1 hour massage from Roxanne Derkson, RMT GCFP. The more times you come, the greater your chances are for winning!

We had our first official MeM and it went great. The weather was great, the patio heater was going, incense burning, and hot tea was served. The techniques taught this week were the “C” squeeze, neck squeeze, spinal walking, and sacrum circular kneading. We had a few people stop by to learn and it really brought some relaxation to their day.

Here is what one of our students said, “I was having such a bad day and it felt so good to receive a massage from someone. I forgot where I was at one point, thank you so much.”

We even had Victoria News come by and take some photos and interview Roxanne.

Hope to see you next week!

The MEM Day 4

This week at the MeM we really utilized our warm stones. We used them on the forearms, shoulders, hands and neck. We also taught a Thai shoulder release technique and finished up with the stroking finish again. It was a great time and once again we had new people.

MEM Day 6: Pets and People

After cancelling the MeM day 5 last week, we had great weather and a great turnout for the MeM day 6 this week. We planned on doing only pets this week but we also had people show up to massage each other so we did both! 

Thanks to Creatures Great and Small for the doggy treats!

MEM Day 7: End of Series 1

This was the final day in series 1 of the Massage Exchange Movement. Thanks to everyone for coming out, it was so much fun. We did our draw for a free 1 hour massage, and Sheola was the lucky winner! We taught a couple new techniques to wrap things up.

Bones For Life 1: Teacher Training

Gail French OT, PT, GCFP and BFL Trainer was in town last weekend teaching us Bones for Life 1. She is a dynamic and passionate instructor and has an excellent understanding of the body. We had a great time as we learned 30 different processes on how to improve bone health.

Massage Oils and Linens Do They Mix?

massage table rental

Pure, cold pressed, virgin oil & luxurious 100% cotton massage linens.

What makes one massage therapy treatment better than an another?   After the obvious comparing of credentials and clinical experience, the convenience of booking, getting there…and parking!

What about the smells we encounter and the sheets we slip our bodies between.  One thing I really appreciate when I go for a massage therapy session is clean linen.  I like the sheets to be clean and the room to feel hygienic without a clinical coldness which inhibits relaxation.  When I experience a rancid oil smell from sheets or the room/office setting it is a real turnoff.

Keeping massage table linens clean and oil free has been a dilemma for massage therapists the world over.  What common solutions (no pun intended) have been used and how do they measure up in my opinion.
1) Use of harsh chemicals to clean the linens.  Bleach, strong oil dispersant’s, and chemical cleaners and detergents in the wash.  My Comment:    Well not environmentally friendly is the obvious one and sometimes there is a residue of these chemicals left in the sheets.  These can trigger allergies and reactions in the sinuses and skin.
2) Use thinner sheets that don’t hold the oils like thicker denser linens.  Usually these sheets are poly-cotton and don’t have the same quality feel as 100% cotton and flannel sheets.  My Comment:  These sheets are cheaper to purchase and keep clean for the therapist.
3) Use massage lotions with oil dispersant and other chemicals in them to facilitate easier cleaning. My Comment:   Definitely ask , your therapist what they are using on YOUR SKIN?  You should know what the ingredients of massage lotions, cremes and oils are.  After all your skin absorbs this stuff as if you were eating it.
4) Refined oils manufactured to disperse oil and wash out of linen better than unrefined oils.  My Comment:  These are manufactured by larger companies and sold to therapists as professional massage oils.  They are usually rendered, bleached and deodorised to create a more commercial brand product that meets the demands for easier cleaning of linens and no longer carry any natural scent from the nut seed or plant that the oil was derived from.  You can tell these oils have been bleached when there is very little natural color to the oil.  See the oil in the picture above has the natural green color of the avocado oil that has been blended with macadamia and sunflower oils.

5) My Professional Recommendation:  Use pure, cold expellor pressed oils on the skin whenever possible.  Organic oils are the ultimate food for the skin adding essential fatty acids and nutrients to the body as they are massaged into your muscles.  If deeper tissue work is required use balms and butters from shea, olive oil, beeswax and coconut to name a few.  As for the linen use the best quality linens you can afford, use basic cleaning solutions with no added artificial fragrance like our Always Kleen Detergent made especially for massage linens.with no added artificial fragrance.  Replace your linens regularly when they become pilled, stained or the oil won’t come out.  You can always take your linens to a professional cleaning company to remove the oil residue for you.  They really know how to fold your linen too and it looks great when you get it back. Some cleaners will use professional Green cleaning products.  Check in for my next blog on Massage Oils and Balms.  Thanks for reading Roxanne Derkson RMT GCFP