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Aromatherapy Review

Forward: I studied at the Canadian College of Massage and Hydrotherapy, back in those days we were into blending carrier oils mostly sweet almond and sesame. With these we would create therapeutic blends adding […]

The MEM Day 2

We had our second MeM and it was a lot of fun. This week we focused on a shoulder, arm, and tricep release, as well as a percussive clapping technique. […]

The MEM is Coming To Your Hood

Starting the end of January we will begin to teach free massage classes on Tuesday afternoons around the time the Victoria High School students depart from school for the day.  […]

The MEM Day 1

Come to the MeM contest Every time you come to the MeM you will be entered into a draw for a free 1 hour massage from Roxanne Derkson, RMT GCFP. […]

The MEM Day 4

This week at the MeM we really utilized our warm stones. We used them on the forearms, shoulders, hands and neck. We also taught a Thai shoulder release technique and […]

MEM Day 6: Pets and People

After cancelling the MeM day 5 last week, we had great weather and a great turnout for the MeM day 6 this week. We planned on doing only pets this […]

MEM Day 7: End of Series 1

This was the final day in series 1 of the Massage Exchange Movement. Thanks to everyone for coming out, it was so much fun. We did our draw for a […]

Massage Oils and Linens Do They Mix?

Pure, cold pressed, virgin oil & luxurious 100% cotton massage linens. What makes one massage therapy treatment better than an another?   After the obvious comparing of credentials and clinical experience, the convenience […]