The MEM Day 1

Come to the MeM contest

Every time you come to the MeM you will be entered into a draw for a free 1 hour massage from Roxanne Derkson, RMT GCFP. The more times you come, the greater your chances are for winning!

We had our first official MeM and it went great. The weather was great, the patio heater was going, incense burning, and hot tea was served. The techniques taught this week were the “C” squeeze, neck squeeze, spinal walking, and sacrum circular kneading. We had a few people stop by to learn and it really brought some relaxation to their day.

Here is what one of our students said, “I was having such a bad day and it felt so good to receive a massage from someone. I forgot where I was at one point, thank you so much.”

We even had Victoria News come by and take some photos and interview Roxanne.

Hope to see you next week!